PK-12 Packet Controller

Don't let the small size or the low cost fool you, you'll get full-sized performance plus the Timewave quality you expect from the new PK-12. The PK-12 is a 1200 bps VHF Packet controller with GPS compatibility and is small enough to go mobile with or fit in the last bit of space in your shack.

The PK-12 includes firmware which enables it to connect to GPS receivers with a NMEA-0183 interface. Timewave's optional APRS Adapter Cable for the PK-12 was designed for Hardware Single Port Mode operation. The cable lets users running APRS devote only one COM port for the GPS receiver and the PK-12. This is a great feature since most computers only have two COM ports with one used by a mouse. Laptop users only have one COM port so Timewave's APRS Adapter Cable is a must. When used without the APRS Adapter Cable, the new firmware lets the PK-12 be used as a Stand Alone Tracking device. This means a PK-12 can obtain position infor-mation from a GPS receiver and beacon it in Packet over the ham bands through a transceiver without using APRS software; no computer is needed. Vehicles equipped with the PK-12, a GPS receiver and a radio can beacon their location and can be seen on a computer map by APRS users. The PK-12 is GPS, Loran, ULTIMETER-II, and ARNAV compatible.

Other features of the PK-12:

  • Gateway as a Node. With the PK-12 you can "node-hop" to reach distant stations which reduces retries and in-creases throughput. Other people can use your PK-12 as a node to exchange personal messages and transfer packets. You even have the ability to restrict certain people from hopping or digipeating through your PK-12.
  • Full-featured mail facilities. The PK-12 has 15K (32K RAM) of battery-backed Mailbox memory, which can be easily expanded to 100K (128K RAM). MailDrop allows you to receive and reverse forward messages and con-trol third party traffic.
  • Great command set. The PK-12 has Timewave's famous HOST mode which is standard in all Timewave TNCs. If you already know HOST mode, using the PK-12 will be second nature. HOST mode is easy to learn and once you do, you will be able to operate any Timewave TNC. There is also an EXPERT disable command which lim-its the command set and allows beginners to get on the air immediatly.
  • Windows support programs. The PK-12 can be controlled by the state-of-the-art Windows control program PC PakRatt for Windows. All options are just a mouse click away with PC PakRatt for Windows!
  • Made for mobile use. The low power requirement, small size, and GPS compatibility make the PK-12 an excel-lent choice for mobile packeting.
PK-96 Packet Controller
When what you need is speed, you need the PK-96. Our PK-96 1200/9600 bps packet controller comes standard with 1200 bps AFSK tone signaling, as well as 9600 bps K9NG and G3RUH compatible direct frequency modu-lation, making it a truly high-performance data controller! The PK-96 not only makes an excellent terrestrial or satellite data controller, it also can be used for high-speed data links between packet systems. TheNet compatible. Now network builders can add a 9600 bps port to their TheNet network with no hassels. Call Timewave direct to find out the details about the PK-96 TheNet software. Gateway as a Node. The PK-96's Gateway firmware acts as a full service node. Up to three other users can digipeat or "node-hop" through your PK-96 while you communicate with another station. You can even restrict cer-tain users from digipeating or "node-hopping" through your PK-96. Full-featured mail facilities. In addition to the speed, the PK-96 comes standard with 128K RAM which offers 100K of battery-backed MailDrop memory. MailDrop allows you to automatically receive and reverse-for-ward messages and control third-party traffic. Extra commands add extra value, extra control. In addition to our fa-mous HOST mode, special commands not found in all data controllers are included in the PK-96.

Other features include:
  • Hardware "true DCD" state machine for open squelch operation.
  • Hardware HDLC ensures accurate protocol conversion at 9600 bps.
  • Modem disconnect header for installing other modems.
  • Separate 1200/9600 TX level controls on back panel.
  • Identifies TCP/IP, NET/ROM, and TheNet stations.
  • Special EXPERT disable option eases the learning process by limiting the command set.
  • PC PakRatt for Windows 2.0 compatible.
  • Comprehensive manual which illustrates radio connections.
  • Includes open-ended radio cable, power cable and RX audio cable. If you're serious about packet ra-dio, the PK-96 is the obvious choice. The PK-96 allows you to communicate on existing 1200 bps packet systems as well as with the new 9600 bps systems coming on line.
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